HearPlanet has partnered with the City of San Francisco to provide the official mobile application for the City’s “Shop SF – Get More” program. This free iPhone application lets users find discounts and offers from merchants all over town. The Shop SF program is being promoted heavily in the media, with placements throughout the region’s BART and MUNI trains, busses and stations.  Look for the Shop SF application in Apple’s iTunes App Store mid-November.

The Shop SF application lets users find relevant promotions based on search criteria and what’s nearby. The Shop SF application is supported by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the City’s Economic Development Team, who have committed to promoting HearPlanet and the Shop SF application throughout the Bay Area. Media buys include prominent placements in BART and MUNI stations, trains and busses; as well as print ads and a major public relations initiative by the Mayor and his team.

The Shop SF application is targeted at the over 15 million visitors who come to San Francisco each year, and who spend $7.8 billion on local businesses.

We appreciate Mayor Newsome and the City’s Economic Development Team for promoting cutting edge technology and choosing HearPlanet for the development of the Shop SF mobile application.

Merchants can register at onlyinsanfrancisco.com/shopsfregister to participate in the program and be included in HearPlanet’s official Shop SF mobile application (launching November 15th).

* Shop SF Merchants are automatically featured in HearPlanet’s family of mobile applications, which can be found on most mobile smart-phone platforms.