HearPlanet: Your Personalized Tour Guide to the Sound of the City
By Andrew James – Friday, August 17th, 2012 [Full Article]

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“The audio tour segment is an interesting place, which Siri seems to have revived interest in over the past year. (Seems for a while there we forgot about our ears.)”

“Echtman [HearPlanet’s founder] is working on a platform where everyone can contribute their own audio content. He currently has several partners signed on, as well as 300,000 points of interest serving up over half a million recordings for listeners to tour around a city, museums, or pretty much any area that you could look up on Wikipedia.”

“Their content already covers pretty much everywhere, or the program reads content from Wikipedia to users in a pretty nice automated voice (if it hasn’t been read by one of their voice actors).”

“HearPlanet has […] announced that soon they’ll be wrenching the tour guide right into several automotive offerings. This means that, while driving around, you’ll be able to set up and go on a tour tailored to your geolocation and desired topics.”